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A list of my publications, in reverse chronological order

(with Steven Schwartz) Got RAW Milk? AWA-Certified Jersey Cows on Pasture – The Piedmont Virginian, Summer 2011

What’s So Special about Local Chicken? Kadejan Tells All – Twin Cities Daily Planet 07.27.10

Thousand Hills Cattle Co. Provides Realistic Tour of Livestock Farming – Simple, Good, and Tasty 07.22.10

Living with Livestock, Part Four: Cattle Conundrums – Simple, Good, and Tasty 07.07.10

Living with Livestock, Part Three: Sheep and Goats – Simple, Good, and Tasty 06.30.10

Meister Cheese’s New Animal Welfare Certification – Heavy Table 06.23.10

Living with Livestock, Part Two: The Maternal Instincts of Chickens and Pigs – Simple, Good, and Tasty 06.22.10

Living with Livestock, Part One: Food in, Poop (or is it Compost?) Out – Simple, Good, and Tasty 06.10.10

The USDA Challenge to Fischer Family Farms – Heavy Table 06.09.10

Minnesota’s Pastureland Butter is on the Verge of a Comeback – Simple, Good, and Tasty 06.04.10

Why Animal Lovers Should Eat Meat – Simple, Good, and Tasty 04.24.2010

Organic Farmers at MOSES Conference Plant Seeds for a Sustainable Future – Simple, Good, and Tasty 03.12.10

Organic Milk Actually Becomes Organic – Simple, Good, and Tasty 03.06.10

Jeffries Chicken Farm – Heavy Table 02.08.10

Grass-Fed: Something to Chew On – Simple, Good, and Tasty 01.11.10

Lorentz Meats of Cannon Falls, MN – Heavy Table 11.09.09



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