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About me

Currently, I live in Minneapolis, which is a great home base for touring the many farms and animal processing facilities in the upper Midwest. When I’m not doing that, you’re likely to find me at one laptop-friendly spot or another – a library, a coffee shop, or home.

Before I started working full-time on this project, I spent most of my adult life seesawing between academia and the business world. After getting my BA from Brandeis University in Economics and Philosophy, I was an analyst for a couple of years for Industrial Economics, Inc., a small consulting firm specializing in environmental economics. Then it was back to school at Princeton University, for my PhD in Philosophy. From there I bounced back to the corporate world, as a consultant with McKinsey and Company and then as a merchant with Target Corporation.

I haven’t had a pet since I was a kid. I wouldn’t say that I have an extraordinary amount of empathy for or kinship with animals, though I wouldn’t say that I have less than average either. I do, however, have an inordinate interest in getting to the bottom of things, and a soft spot for the underdog – which, where their relationship with humans is concerned, animals and the environment certainly are.

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