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Here are links to some of the best sites on the food animal industry. This list is not comprehensive; it’s an edited selection of sites I’ve found the most helpful.


Atlantic Food – mixed in with recipes and reviews are some of the most thought-provoking pieces on food ethics and sustainability in the media

Grist Food – predictably “pro” small/family-owned/local and “anti” large/corporate/government, but grapples with the issues more thoughtfully than most other sites of its type

General animal welfare

TheMeatSite – written by and for the global food animal industry, this site gives a sense of the animal welfare debates the industry takes seriously. Welfare section is under “articles by topic” 

Temple Grandin – the pre-eminent livestock researcher’s site. Whether you think her animal welfare standards are high enough or not, she knows a lot about farm animals


Egg labels – ratings – many sites compare the humane treatment claims on egg carton labels, but this one from Green Living has a social responsibility rating that’s useful

Egg labels – definitions – this fact sheet from the Humane Society of the US clearly differentiates among the animal welfare standards signified by various labels; draw your own conclusions about the best options

Dairy brand ratings – this evaluation of over 100 organic dairy operations by the Cornucopia Institute ranks them on how truly they uphold organic ideals, above and beyond obeying the letter of the USDA organic standard. Although humane animal treatment is not the only criterion considered in the ratings, it is one element.

Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch guides – if you prefer not to destroy the seas whose food you eat, these guides are a must. Print the region-specific guides or download the iPhone app, both of which rank best, good, and worst fish choices.

Species-specific: sites written by and for the global livestock industry, these give unmatched insight into how animals are treated without either pro- or anti-industry spin. Under news and articles each site has a welfare section







1. Stephan Kieu - October 10, 2009

i enjoy reading your post. keep them coming.

2. What to buy: dairy and eggs « From Animal To Meat - January 1, 2010

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3. MJ VandeHaar - June 27, 2012

I enjoy your posts but I would like you to reconsider your views on dairy products. Making milk is a pretty efficient process.

Angelique - June 27, 2012

Thanks! Let me know where you think I’ve gone wrong with dairy. Or are you talking only about 100% grassfed dairy? Then I’d probably agree with you.

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